Aluminium Recycling – Committed To The Environment!

With increasing awareness of global environmental issues and a focus on renewable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly processes, products, and energy. However, it is comforting to know that some extruders of Scrap Metal Recycling Sydney, NSW like Tecbo Group Pty Ltd. are catching up when they go "green" by recycling products. 

The recycling process is a way of reusing aluminum in products after they were first produced. Since the recycling process involves remelting metals, it is cost-effective and less labor and energy-intensive than producing raw aluminum, which has to be mined first. Ultimately, a large amount of energy is required to produce aluminum from ore mines.

Aluminium recycling

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In identifying the benefits of aluminum in relation to environmentally friendly production, there are several aluminum extruders that are actively involved in the "green" process using "green drives" such as:

  • Drive 1: Recyclable
  • Driver 2: Energy efficiency in the recycled aluminum production process
  • Drive 3: CO Emissions
  • Drive 4: Corrosion Resistance

This approach to sustainable energy efficiency has awarded many awards and prizes to Sydney's leading aluminum extruders. These include the Energy Efficiency Award, which awards the Energy Cartridge of the Year Award to energy end-user organizations that have made significant commitments and achieved extraordinary results using less energy.

The carbon footprint report is also recognized and leading aluminum extrusion companies can significantly reduce their carbon footprint to ensure that their environmental impact is actively monitored.