Best Type of Wall Mount to Purchase for Your New Flat Screen

It is always a good idea to research what you will need to hang your TV before you go to the Electronics Store.

The type of TV that you want is clear, but do you know what wall mount hardware it will need? After you have selected the TV, the salesperson will try to sell you the right wall mount, brackets, and nuts.

There are many websites like that provide tv wall mounting services online to fulfill your needs. However, it is worth taking the time to look at a few to get a better idea of what you need. It is a good idea to determine where the TV will be placed. It will be mounted on the wall, where it will remain until it is moved or replaced. 

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If you buy the wrong mount, your TV may fall off the wall. These are some wall mounts that will work best with Flat Screen TVs.

Full-Motion Articulating Wall Mount:

These mounts with full motion are extremely popular. It can be repositioned in many directions, including left, right, up, down, and tilted if needed. If you need to see it in different directions, this mount is a great choice. They are available in many sizes and can be used with most TVs.

Wall Mounts – Low Profile:

When you need it to be as close as possible to the wall, the low-profile mount will work. These mounts are usually the cheapest. 

This mount has one problem: connecting the wires and cables at the back. Low-profile mounts with a small tilt function are recommended. These mounts are generally low-profile and affordable. 

Tilting Mount:

Tilting TV mounts are a popular choice. They can be used in almost all installations. The tilting mount is usually lighter than full-motion designs and can be installed more quickly.