Buy Dress Shirt for Stunning Personality

Who doesn’t want to look attractive and stunning? For men, dress shirts are the most preferred attire to look dashing; it brings out the personality one wants to acquire. Custom shirts manufactured by reputed companies are capable of fitting as desired by customers. 

It is important to go through the details before buying a fitted shirt like what kind of statement collars you want to have?

Limited Edition Extreme Cutaway Red Norwegian Check Brushed Shirt

There are a wide array of collars available in the market. Some of them are:

  • Cutaway or Spread collars: It has a larger opening at the top which allows larger knotted ties to fit easily. These styles of collars suit best on men with slim faces while men with round faces must avoid these collar styles.
  • Button-down collar: this kind of collar buttons to your shirt and are generally considered informal. For formal occasions, button-down collar shirts are not preferred.
  • Round collars: Also called club collars have edges in round shape. Unlike other collars with straight edges, its spread is very small.
  • Pinned collar: In this style, a pin is used in bringing the two sides of the collar together. In this process, you can change the pin thus bringing the varieties in collars style.
  • Tab collar: it is called so because behind the tie knot a small tab is present which is used in bringing the edges of collar together. It has a very slim spread. This collar style is suitable for slender men, men with a long necks and on wide face men.

These are some of the styles of collar available in the market. A simple haunt for a dress shirt online will help you to find a wide array of custom shirts from which you could choose a dress shirt of your choice. Apart from only providing best fit shirts these stores also sell accessories for fitted shirts like perfumes to make a complete combination.