Clogged Toilet A Nightmare

The toilet is one of the most important appliances in our house. This can just go haywire when the toilet pot is just not working properly. Your entire home falls ill just like your body does. Be aware and maintenance can save your toilets from the following common issues-

Running/Clogged Toilet- Go anywhere and ask the most common toilet problem is running or jammed toilet. The most general reason for this is the older and harder valve. Because of this, the water goes or stops into the bowl even if the flush is not used recently.

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A constantly running or even jammed water in the toilet slowly becomes an annoyance and can cause a mess if it is not repaired immediately. You can call resident sewer line services to get it repaired as soon as possible.

Flush Handles that don't work- We use a flush handle several times a day and most of the time it is made out of plastic. There are higher chances that it can break easily. A professional plumber can fix it in a little time and efficiently. Don't try to do any experiments by yourself. That might result in some other problem. So you better call the professional.

Always leaking toilet bowls- Leaking toilet bowls is also a common problem. This is another messier problem you have to tackle with toilets.

For most of the class, a reason for the leaking toilet bowl is due to defective wax rings. In some rare cases, it is because of cracked porcelain. No matter what the reason you must get it handled by professionals.