Cybersecurity Consulting – What Does It Involve

Cybersecurity consulting is a growing sub-sector in business services that have become increasingly important as cyberwarfare sites have grown over the last few years and months. Since none but the very largest companies have the requisite skills in-house, information security consulting is a necessity for most SMEs, who may be commissioning this type of consultancy service for the first time.

Many business owners find that hiring the services of a cybersecurity consultant can add real value when it comes to complying with legal and regulatory requirements, avoiding data breaches, and streamlining their own business processes. More and more companies are trying to comply with ISO 27001, the international standard for information security management systems (ISMS).

This is a key area where the skills of a competent cybersecurity company such as can benefit companies that use their consultants wisely. Consultation commitments can be divided into several phases. The duration of each phase can vary greatly, depending on factors such as the size of the company, the amount of preparatory work performed, the time available to employees, the level of knowledge in the company – and of course priorities. 

However, in most cases, the cybersecurity consulting phase will take the following general form:


Determine the scope of the project (the whole organization or just a subset?) and allocate budget and personnel. Select an information security consultant and a lead contact person.


Plan the Information Security Management System that will form the output of the project. Perform risk analysis and base all strategic decisions on its output.


Implement the ISMS for a reasonable period, and address any initial slight problems.


Regularly monitor and review the operation of the ISMS, and flag up any areas which are giving rise to problems or sub-standard performance.


Take specific and measurable steps to improve the operation of the ISMS.

The cycle of monitoring and improvement is a continuous one, and may even involve further cybersecurity consulting input (especially if the organization desires to achieve certification to the ISO 27001 standard). The information security consultant can provide indispensable input at every phase of the process, and will afterward be available to assist if any problems are encountered in the future.