DDA Vs NDIS – Early Comparisons And Concerns

The proposed new national disability insurance system NDIS can be subject to discriminatory claims, because different standards can be applied to the Disability Discrimination Act within the system framework.

The draft law on systems is intended to create a framework for national systems. There are many NDIS Service providers available like the OnTrack Tasmania. A person who registers to participate in a service program can based on subjective opinions based on subjective opinions, consider that their specific negative eligibility decisions are discriminatory under the DDA and seek reconciliation.

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Concerns about the NDIS Bill were raised early on that it might not include coverage for people over 65. It is therefore assumed that disability services for parents are not taken into account. Then the question arises. Are these benefits borne by the geriatric treatment system?

There are many companies that provide reliable ndis services. Another concern is that a participant may have to demonstrate, based on the proposed criteria, that the level of service required by the program is above the level to be provided through adequate family support.

Participants may also need to demonstrate significantly reduced communication, learning, mobility, or self-management skills. If not handled fairly, this has the potential to hurt individual participants, guardians and their families.