Fact About Covid-19 Antibodies Testing In USA

Recovered from novel coronavirus, but still not sure if you have antibodies? Took the vaccine, but are you confident that the vaccines have started working for you? Got exposed to Covid-19, but do you know if you are immune to it or not? These are the questions that many people are grappling with. So, how can you be really sure?

COVID-19 Total Antibody Testing is the answer to your above questions! You can get the best service of covid 19 testing in the USA.

Chandigarh man tests positive for Covid-19 after returning from South Africa

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The Basics of Antibody Testing

Antibody testing, also known as serological testing is a blood test that can determine if you were previously infected with COVID-19. The presence of certain antibodies indicates that you have been exposed to the virus and that your body has developed blood proteins to fight against the virus. Currently, there are two types of tests used to diagnose Covid-19: a molecular test and an antigen test.

In molecular tests, the viral genetic material is identified using polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The biological fluid is collected from a nasal or throat swab or using saliva. You can also use stay-at-home test kits such as saliva kits and nasal swab kits to detect coronavirus.

Antigens tests take biological samples from nasal swabs or throat swabs to look for specific viral proteins. Both of these tests can tell if you have a COVID-19 infection that is active or not.