Facts You Need To Know About Rubber Plants

Do you want a plant that is easy to care for, grows tall, and takes up a lot of space? You will love the Rubber plant. If cared for properly, the Rubber plant can provide years of indoor greenery.

Rubber plants are known for their glossy, deep green leaves. They can be kept shiny by using a soapy sponge and pure water to clean them occasionally. You can find the best rubber plants via https://www.plantvine.com/product/ficus-elastica-burgundy/.

Rubber Plants

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Although rubber plants love warm temperatures, they can withstand a wide range of temperatures and can be adapted to air-conditioned spaces. Your rubber plant should be kept at around 81° during the day and 67° at night.

You might feel tempted to overwater rubber plants because most people think of rubber plants as "jungle-breed" and reliant on endless rain. Don't overwater your rubber plants.

It will cause them to become pliable to disease, pests, and even rot. This temptation can be controlled by using good soil and a well-draining container.

Use organic fertilizer at least once a month. Avoid chemical-based fertilizers. Spraying chemicals indoors on plants can cause health problems. Use only organic products to care for your rubber plants.

You will find a wide variety of rubber plants at your local nursery. Pick the one you like because they all have similar growth patterns and require the same care. You'll soon have indoor greenery to envy your friends.