Features Of Sartorius Lab Balances

Sartorius Masterpro LA & LP Series Lab balances are created to meet your needs, by a professional. Accuracy and dependability are crucial! Are you looking for the most high quality and accuracy for your results in weighing? Do you need an instrument that is simple to use and has the latest in technological capabilities? 

Then Sartorius Masterpro can be the ideal option for you. All MasterPro balances come with two models, the models designed to be used for routine laboratory work, and the LA model has more applications. 

The Series meets the highest standards of technology for weighing. They are perfect for use in high-end systems and in routine tasks; it comes with outstanding capabilities to make your life easier. You can also purchase precision lab scales through the various online websites. 

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The standard characteristics of LA models. They offer all the functions that are available in the model LP as well as user-friendly, windows-type drop-down menus to facilitate perceptual program navigation. In addition, built-in applications for formulas, statistics and the timer mode, totalizing calculation, and so on. 

Sartorius Professional Lab Balances

The balances are designed to make your work simpler. The simple-to-read display can be read in both dim and brightly well-lit areas as well. The modular design allows you to change the layout to comply with your demands. 

The ultra-fast weighing-in results, steady results in weighing, the most sophisticated electronics, efficient filtering-out of vibrations, guarantee rapid stability and repeatable results. 

The balance can be mechanically self-calibrated and can perform span adjustments according to a pre-determined time and temperature and can also be programmed to auto-adjust three times a day, as determined by the customer, guaranteeing the highest precision and reliability.