Get Marijuana Clones From Experts

Cloning the cannabis plant is a great way to start your next growth by saving money on seed purchases and by preserving the genetics of the strains you are developing, including gender.

This means that cloning your cannabis plant is a way to save money on female seeds while ensuring that there are no males in your growing area.

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When you clone a marijuana plant, it will stay the same age as the parent plant and will be much more mature than the seeds. 

Once your clones have taken root, they will grow much faster than from seed – but this is only true if the cloning process is done properly and the plant remains healthy.

People often see the benefits of restoring a top-performing culture. When you find a strain you really like, it makes sense to have clones that support it for further growth.

 In addition, you restore yield, taste, shoot properties, and planting time. Not to mention that cloned plants are ultimately cheaper than buying new seeds, saving them time and effort invested in the germination process. 

With the right conditions for the environment and growth, it is quite possible to have a completely independent garden. Imagine rearranging the phenotype of your best plants to as many plants as you want without ever buying new seeds.