How to Find the Best Temporary Home for Your Dog in Hillsborough

For any devoted dog owner, the decision to leave behind your dog while you're out of town is never a pleasant one. And even more difficult may be the anxiety that comes in making sure your beloved dog is cared for while you're away. That's why finding and choosing the right dog boarding facilities is an important decision and not one to be taken lightly.

Finding the right dog boarding facility or dog boarding school in Hillsborough NC will ensure that your four-legged friend doesn't fret too much in your absence, and it will allow you the peace of mind to enjoy yourself while you're out of town.

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The easiest way to find the dog boarding facility that's right for you and your dog is by word of mouth. Asking other dog owners about their experiences in finding a kennel is a good start. If your dog-owning friends don't have any ideas, ask your veterinarian or dog groomer, he or she should be able to give you a list of names to look into.

Once you've got a list, it's crucial that you visit the facility or kennel in-person. You wouldn't buy a house without visiting it, and you shouldn't entrust your dog to a facility or kennel you haven't checked out yourself. Drop by and ask to take a tour of the grounds. As you walk around the facility pay attention to your dog's potential accommodations.

Is the kennel clean? Is it spacious, or are the dogs packed in like sardines? Note the temperature in the area the dogs are kept, if it's noticeably hot or cold, you may want to keep looking.

Be sure to talk to the staff at the dog boarding facility. Make sure they're certified and properly trained. Don't be afraid to interrogate them, this is your pooch's well-being you're concerned about.

Have the staff member walk you through what a typical day is like at the kennel. How many times a day do the dogs get let out for exercise? Ideally, they should have at least an hour or two outside.