How To Take A Men’s Performance Hoodie From Street To Stylish

The men's hoodie is a classic piece of clothing. Infinitely popular, comfortable and cool.  It is easy to wear a hoodie, but can be tricky to wear it with style. The following guide will teach you the secrets of taking the traditional men’s performance hood  from street to stylish.

men's performance hoodie

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Hugely popular with young people, hoodies can be seriously fashionable if worn the right way. For a preppy look, try wearing a shirt and tying the arms of the hoodie over your shoulders. In fact, wearing a shirt underneath a hoodie is an instant and easy way of smartening up the standard hoodie look. 

Another tricky question of wearing hoodies in a stylish way is what to wear it with. This is deceptively simple. Jeans are great, as long as they don't match the colour of your hoodie. This can lead to a bland look, so try blue jeans and a grey hoodie, or black jeans and a dark blue hoodie to create a more interesting style. 

Coloured chinos can be perfect for that spring/summer look, just be careful with conflicting colours. Tan chinos and a dark blue or grey hoodie are an incredibly stylish look right now. Alternatively, try brown chinos with a black or grey hoodie.

Colour has always been an easy way to turn a simple outfit into stylish. Black and grey hoodies can be worn with almost anything, but again, take care not to match the colour of the hoodie with your trousers.