Important Things You Should Know About Tooth Removal

Tooth extraction or tooth removal is carried to ensure that there is no further damage to our mouth. It also ensures that we do not suffer from any other dental problems such as Periodontitis or Gum Disease.  

This article will explain everything you need to know about tooth extraction. Tooth removal or tooth extraction can be performed for many reasons, not just tooth decay. If you have tooth decay or any type of tooth disease, you can search online for the top dental clinic that provides tooth removal services in Los Angeles.

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These are the reasons we should pay attention to:

1. There is an additional tooth that is preventing the eruption of your other teeth. This would be the time to have wisdom teeth removed.

2. Your dentist may need to extract a tooth if you have braces.

3. Wisdom teeth are removed regardless of whether they have erupted. Third molars can be removed if they become infected or decayed.

Tooth extraction comes in two varieties and you need to be aware of them both before undergoing it.

a) Simple extraction: This is when the tooth is visible. General dentists usually perform this procedure. A set of instruments called an elevator is used by the dentist to loosen the tooth. The tooth is then removed with forceps.

b) Surgical extraction: This is a complicated procedure that is used when a tooth has broken below the gum line, or not erupted at any point. Oral maxillofacial doctors perform the procedure.