IV Therapy for Optimal Health

There are various factors that interfere with the body's normal ability to heal itself, such as: extreme stress, malnutrition, certain diseases etc. where the immune system cannot function optimally. In such situations IV treatment offers the optimal health benefits.

Absorption problems

In order to achieve a therapeutic effect, sufficient nutrients must be absorbed and delivered to the cells. Highest quality, and most expensive nutritional supplements have problems preventing the adequate absorption of the nutrients that are obtained through supplements and oral foods. 

IV Therapy for Optimal Health

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Here are the benefits of IV therapy :

Optimal Digestive Health: When nutrients are ingested through IV therapy, the digestive tract needs to break down food and supplements to release essential nutrients and carry them into the blood so they can be delivered to the cells that need them.

It requires multiple steps and depends on many intact variables, including optimal enzyme activity, proper acid production, healthy intestinal flora, healthy gastrointestinal mucosa.

Healthy liver function: After the nutrients are transported to the blood , they are released to the liver for filtering and detoxification before reaching other cells in the body. This is known as "first pass metabolism".

Healthy cell membrane: Cell membrane contains the energy needed by the pump to maintain the right amount of essential nutrients in the cell. Often the nutrients must be present in the cell at a higher concentration than in the cell outside.