Most Popular And Iconic Arcade Games

Space Invaders is a video gaming classic. It started what is now known as the Golden Age of Arcades. This period of history spans the late 70's through the mid 80's and saw incredible advances in gaming design.

In Japan, the machine was first introduced in June 1978. It quickly became a cultural icon. An incredible 100,000 coin-ops were installed in the country by the end of 1978. Because of its popularity, so many people poured money into the coin slots. Other coin operated arcade games include pinball, skeeball, iceball, etc. You can also buy these arcade game machines online at

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Space Invaders quickly became a major export and soon revitalized arcades around the globe, whose mechanical machines and only basic technological innovation had seen them decline since the 1950's. Millions of players waited in line to prove their worth against the invading hordes, fuelling this literal turn of fortune. 

In its first year, the revenue generated in the US was more than the Star Wars movie. This is a remarkable achievement for an industry that was only five years old. Space Invaders is no surprise if you grew up playing arcade games.

Other arcade games like Pac-Man's non-violent maze-chase gameplay was a refreshing innovation in an era when almost all space-themed shooters were available. It was also able to appeal to female gamers in a way that few other games could at the time. Pac-Man has been a star in over 30 games since then, but gamers will always associate him as the iconic Pac-Man.