New Open Reflex Holosun Tactical Sight – The HS507K

The Holosun HS507K is designed with a super LED that lasts up to 50,000 hours and a multi-reticle system. This model has the ability to display multiple types of reticles and wakes up its target in the dark by automatically adjusting the brightness of its LED.

It offers users a high level of accuracy and precision. The Holosun 507k is an open reflex sight that uses a CR2032 battery. It has a receiver that can be mounted on any firearm, and its transparent lens allows users to see clearly even in low light conditions. The Holosun tactical sight has a maximum range of 1000 meters, and its built-in sensor provides real-time data about the target's distance, size, and movement. It also has a rangefinder that allows users to precisely aim their firearm.

holosun 507k x2, Holosun 507k

It is perfect for use with firearms that have a Picatinny rail mount. It is also compatible with most red dot sights, making it ideal for use with rifles or handguns. The HS507K is the latest addition to the Holosun line of tactical sights. This sight is designed for use with firearms that have a Picatinny rail, and it features a unique Open Reflex aiming system.

An Open Reflex sight is similar to a reflex sight in that it uses an illuminated reticle to help you aim your firearm. However, the main difference between an Open Reflex sight and a reflex sight is that an Open Reflex sight allows you to see the target through the reflex mirror while the gun is still firing. This allows you to shoot without having to focus on the sights, which can improve your accuracy.