Protect Your Teeth With Your Choice Of Dental Crown!

A dental crown is a hat that looks like a tooth. These caps are usually attached to teeth that need to be repaired or returned to their original shape and structure. This treatment is recommended if your teeth are really bad or have been badly damaged as a result of tooth decay, or if the tooth needs to be repaired with a filling.

When are crowns used?

This type of treatment at is used if you have any of the following problems:

  • Repair rotten teeth
  • Dental bridge support used to replace a missing tooth
  • Replace any other broken seals
  • Recovering a broken or broken tooth through oral care or accidents
  • Replace teeth with dental implants

Dental Crowns: Everything you need to know : VC Dental

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Types of dental crowns:

There are several types of crowns to choose from before starting this treatment. Now let's discuss each of them in detail.


Compared to other available materials, the crowns of porcelain all exhibit very similar strength to others. It is mainly aimed at patients suffering from gritted, damaged teeth, without any previous fillings or any type of restoration. 


Crowns made of this material are preferred because they are affordable and more economical. 

All metal:

Metal crowns are usually made from a variety of alloys that are stronger and offer more protection. This type of placement has less chance of wear and tear as it can withstand anything like your natural teeth.