PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments in NJ

PRP is the process of taking your blood and creating a natural cell and growth factor packed product to Inject into your skin. Although it has been known for many years, independent research now shows that the plasma must be concentrated at least 5 times the normal levels of baseline to get the best results.

This is a common goal of many current systems. Many of them do not achieve this. But Emcyte PRP in NJ does. Emcyte technology creates a platelet-rich plasma product that's 7 times more concentrated than most other companies. So, all platelet treatments are not the exact same.

Emcyte Corporation has been a leader in platelet-rich plasma and progenitor stem cell biologics. They produce products that meet the highest performance standards. They have been at the forefront of clinical excellence for over 20 years.

Clinics are loving the Emcyte technology because, not only is it designed to produce high-quality outcomes, but it is a hygienically sealed system that allows blood taking, the dual centrifuge process, and injections all in the same visit. Not only that, Emcyte has been recorded as achieving one of the purest samples of any PRP system with the lowest levels of red blood cells – and this greatly improves results.

What can Emcyte Pure PRP do for you?

Emcyte can harness and increase the body's natural healing processes and stimulate tissue regeneration to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and restore volume. This results in a more youthful and fresher appearance. Emcyte PRP can also be used for stimulating hair growth to thin hair.