Raw Coconut Oil Contains Fat That Will Help You To Lose Weight

Coconut oil and coconut milk contain healthy fatty acids. However, they are a healthy food source. Organic raw Coconut oil  has been proven to help increase metabolism and burn unwanted fat.

Saturated fats are widely considered to be unhealthy. Most people believe that coconut oil is bad for your health and cholesterol. The widely held belief is that saturated fat is responsible for our obesity. It is false and too general to be true. 

Vegetable oils and hydrogenated fats can contribute to obesity and heart disease. Many saturated fats can be considered "healthy fats". These include butter, coconut oil, olive oils, butter, and the fat found within avocados.

Myths about raw coconut oil are :

Firstly, this type of oil contains a lot of fat so it must therefore be fattening. Ironically, not all fat makes you fat. While some fats can cause weight gain, other "healthy" fats will help you burn excess fat and speed up your metabolism.

Coconut oil is believed to contain almost all saturated fat, so it is bad for you. Saturated fat is not the cause of high cholesterol, weight gain, and heart disease. Sugar is the real cause of these diseases.

However, people with high-risk heart disease should avoid coconut oil. This oil is one of the most healthy oils, even for people with heart disease. Coconut Oil is high in lauric acid. This has been proven to have antiviral and antibacterial properties as well as antifungal properties.