Some Interesting Facts About Possum

Possums are among the most famous animals in Australia. They have lived for centuries alongside humans, however, their ability to change and the fact that they are not hunted have made them the subject of debate. 

There are 23 species of possums found in Australia however, there are two specifically that you're most likely to encounter in your own home. They are called The Common Brushtail Possum and the Common Ringtail Possum. For more information about the possum hunter you can check online sources.

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Common Brushtail is roughly the size of a domestic cat and is the second-largest animal in Australia. The Ringtail is most well-known for its capacity to change which is the reason its population has grown. Male possums are referred to as "Jacks" and females are known as "Jill" and young are called "Joeys".

Possums can be described as herbivores however in a rather obscure way, they are also known to eat moths, insects, and bird’s eggs. Their favorite food choices tend towards young sprouting plants, which are typically found in gardens.

Possums in the wild are arboreal animals but have definitely learned to adjust to urban life. They don't dig for nests, however, they are happy to hide in trees, creating nests that are about the size of a football.