Some Tips For Coffee Event In Singapore


Important tips for those who want to hire a mobile cafe van for an event, exhibition or wedding location, film or private event. Today, people have a lot of choice with the convenience of the high-street and there are a multitude of coffee shops vie for our preference.

 Whether they are massive multinationals or independent retailers everywhere we go there's an elegant espresso machine producing coffee in the manner it was intended to be.People are hooked to coffee as a whole.

The applications are endless. weddings, Team Building, Sports events, parties such as Christmas, Fetes Classic Car Shows outdoor Concerts. For your next event you can try Kafve as they are committed to making your event a grand success.

coffee event singapore

The event planner should think about the following prior to making a reservation for the services.

 Public liability insurance, registered food business relevant gas and electrical certificates, as well as a thorough food risk assessment.

How can the amount of cups Coffee will be consumed within an hour? All well and pretty but are they able to deliver at least 200 9oz cups per hour?

Whom did they work on behalf of in the past using their van for coffee? you must know that your barista will not just serve coffee, but also take care of the customers.

Inquire about the type of coffee they make and if they can grind into cups?

Mobile Coffee Operators must also offer a variety of tea (for people who may be behind the trends) Hot Chocolate is essential for children and a surprising number of adults too.