Does Eating Bread Stimulate Teenage Acne?

Have you ever suspected that the bread that you eat every day may be sparking off your acne problem? There are reports which say that teenagers eating bread regularly may be prone to acne problems more than adults are. Some statistics point to this assumption.

In Australia, dermatologists are pursuing an extensive study to find out if a low-carbohydrate diet really helps reduce the occurrence of acne. The skin physician in Melbourne acne works compassionately with a wide range of patients who have acne.



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Specific researches done by dermatologists confirm the fact that a combination of refined sugar, wheat, and grains tend to boost insulin production. It is an established fact that excessive insulin can cause acne to occur. 

How the combination of these substances works 

However, it is a different issue that of late there are low carbohydrate diets that are popular and these are likely to reduce acne breakouts for some people.

A combination of these substances can activate male hormones that create liberal amounts of sebum. All the extra amounts of thick sebum close up the pores of the skin and get collected under the skin, allowing bacterial growth. 

Interestingly, research results have also highlighted that teenagers living in some other countries do not form acne so intensely. This is connected to the fact that the consumption of processed foods in these societies is very less. 

These skin specialists have gathered loads of evidence by studying their patients who switched to low carbohydrate foods. It is to the credit of the Australian researchers that their studies are the first-ever controlled studies to understand the impact of a low carbohydrate diet on acne.