The Cocktail Photographer: Helping You To Capture Your Drink

As a bartender myself, I am always looking for new and innovative ways to create new cocktails. Recently, a friend introduced me to the work of a cocktail photographer in Chicago.

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In this blog article, I will reveal how they use their creative minds to set up shots in a way that's great for social media consumption, and how they create "visual stories" through their photographs.

How does a cocktail photographer work?

A cocktail photographer works to capture the drink and the people who are enjoying it. They may use a wide variety of camera equipment to get the perfect shot. A cocktail photographer usually starts by getting a feel for the room and what will look good in the photo. They may then use a static or moving object to help create interest in the photo.

What types of drinks can a Cocktail Photographer take pictures of?

Cocktail photographers can take pictures of a variety of drinks. These drinks can include cocktails, mocktails, and beers. Some cocktails that a Cocktail Photographer may be interested in photographing are the Margarita, the Mojito, and the Old Fashioned. Mocktails can include things like the Pina Colada Mule, the Fuzzy Navel, and the Mojito Flip.

Where do Cocktail Photographers shoot?

When it comes to shooting cocktails, there are a few different places photographers might look to capture their subjects. A popular spot for cocktail shooters is bars and restaurants that serve mixed drinks. However, other locations where cocktail shooters can find success include wedding receptions, corporate events, and even backyard barbecues.