The Impact Of Low Impact Development

Low-impact development is a new way to manage stormwater runoff. Since ten years ago, many of the proposed low impact development concepts made law across the country.

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Certain concepts were already being made into laws back then. There have been many changes to the trend over the past decade, the "low-impact development" has mostly been replaced by the more general term "Green Infrastructure". However, the term LID is also used.

Low impact development (LID), refers to systems or practices that use, mimic, or both. Natural processes that lead to infiltration, transpiration, uses stormwater for water quality and habitat protection.  Low impact development helps in managing stormwater runoff which can affect the construction projects.

In this process a proper land planning is being done and considered in order to create a green infrastructure. As per the policies of the nations, it is being considered a natural approach of making architectural designs in order to protect water streams.

LID manages water. That is the important thing. LID is not the only design or green building practice. LID is about managing stormwater and reducing the environmental impact.

LID methods aim to manage stormwater more in line with natural hydrology. Natural water management protects the biological and physical integrity of streams and water bodies that are receiving the runoff.