The Purpose Of Crawler Crane

Cranes are heavy duty machines used for a wide variety of applications requiring the lifting of heavy objects and materials. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes and are used in many industries.

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 From small portable cranes to large tower cranes, there is a crane model for every lifting operation. One model that is often used for heavy lifting tasks is a rubber crane. Crawler cranes are usually hoists mounted on a rubber platform.

The crane can also be lifted on a soft platform on different floor surfaces because the entire machine weight is evenly distributed on the rubber platform. Because rubber cranes are on rails rather than wheels, they are more stable and can lift more weight than wheel cranes.

The main part of the crawler crane is the goose drive system. The first propulsion system was developed in the 19th century. Apart from the propulsion system, the crane consists of other parts. The engine and control cab are on the rails.

One of the properties that a crawler crane can use to lift large loads is a counterweight. Counterweights provide the stability and support needed when the crane is used to lift heavy objects. Some large cranes are equipped with weights that can reach several tons.

There are also crawler cranes with a special boom that can reach several hundred meters into the air. These cranes are ideal for large construction projects.