The Use Of In-Home Veterinary Care For Your Pets

As long as careful research is done ahead of time, there is no reason that pet owners cannot or should not practice some kinds of in-home veterinary care.

Sometimes professional diagnosis and treatment are required, of course, but many routine things that vets do can easily be taken care of by owners.

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For many centuries, there were no veterinarians. People took care of their animals themselves or occasionally appealed to the local wise woman or herbal healer, the same one they visited themselves when ill. Many of the time-tested folk remedies that work on humans also work on animals.

There are many books on the subject of animal care, as well as a rich store of information on the Internet. It is important to check several sources before following any advice you find.

If there is information in one place that you find nowhere else, you should look for an alternative or at the very least proceed with extreme caution.

Reading as much as you can on the subject of therapeutic techniques will give you a foundation of basic knowledge to help evaluate the tips you find.

For instance, if you have read a few books on the properties of herbs, you will discount an online site that says that fenugreek is only used intravenously. This is an example of erroneous information posted online.