Tips To Stop Thumb Sucking Habit In Kids

Thumb sucking is a normal phenom for babies. Researchers state that thumb sucking comforts babies and they have a natural desire to suck their thumb. 

This habit gradually diminishes between the ages of 3 and 5. However, in some cases, children do not stop thumbs sucking even after they are six years old.  You can also know more about the thumb sucking prevention via

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This is a questionable part where the child can do this because of some disturbance due to anxiety or emotional problems. 

Prolonged sucking of the thumb can affect the alignment of the teeth or cause speech problems. 

Here are tips on how to end the habit of thumb sucking in children:

Keep a check on your child when your child is sucking their thumb. Either because of anxiety or fear or stress or just sleeping. Once this is observed, it is easy to help the child break the habit immediately.

Putting gloves on your baby's hands or covering their thumbs with tape or a towel can help your child not to suck their thumbs. This is effective in some cases.

Rewarding your child for not thumb sucking will motivate them to leave the habit.

-Don't feel ashamed or punish them, as that will demotivate and lower their self-esteem. Be positive and patient. 

If all this doesn't go well, contact your pediatrician and seek medical help.

These are the tips for ending the habit of thumb sucking in children. Hope this article helps mothers who are facing this problem.