Top Tips for Arranging Successful Cocktail Parties

There are several things to consider if your cocktail party is going to be a success. One of the most important things is to look for perfect party venues in Spokane for a night of fun!

10 Useful Tips for Organising a Smashing Cocktail Party OYO Hotels: Travel Blog

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1. The number of people present at your party can be a big factor here, but in general, a smaller, more intimate space or room in a larger venue may be better than asking 5 or 10 people to stand in the center of the room like a cathedral.

2. A successful cocktail party usually manages to create an intimate atmosphere where people think they can chat or discuss comfortably. So, look for something relatively comfortable and luxuriously furnished, not a simple barracks.

3. It is a good idea to look for something that is easy to achieve. It doesn't have to be downtown, but a place that looks like a constant transition won't create the right attitude among your guests.

4. Cocktail ideas are usually to promote an atmosphere of sophistication and sober charm, not a "drink-to-you-break" atmosphere. One thing that will help you achieve this is if your place has hors d'oeuvres or snacks or "fun bush".

5. Background music can be very important. It's always better if it comes from a professional music system from the best cocktail chairs than from something playing on someone's smartphone.