Types Of Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are a well-known procedure to improve the appearance of your skin which has been utilized on individuals for a long time. Since the time of the early Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks They have been utilized to achieve a more youthful and smoother, beautiful skin complexion. 

If you're looking to smooth the appearance of wrinkles and acne scarring, as well as discoloration from sun, or uneven skin pigmentation chemical peels could be the best option and you can also visit https://bardotbeauty.ca/ for the best results.

 Chemical Peels

It is usually used as a facial treatment but it is also applied to other areas of the body like the chest, neck, and back. It comes in a variety of chemical solutions that have various strengths. Solution and strength should be selected based upon the type of skin and imperfections.

  • Low Chemical Peels:- A mild or light chemical peel is employed to treat delicate wrinkles dried or dehydrated skin small imperfections in the pigmentation, and acne.

  • Medium Chemical Peels:- If you are looking for a moderate chemical peel that you have had, your doctor or you might consider using the TCA peel.

  • Deep Chemical Peels:- The deep chemical variant is the most effective and should be performed only by a dermatologist, or a trained facial technician. There are numerous chemical solutions that are able to be utilized to perform an intense peel. 

There are some that contain the acidity of salicylic and glycolic like milder peels, however, their acid contents are at higher levels. If you're planning to undergo a thorough chemical peel, you should seek guidance from your dermatologist or the skincare specialist prior to doing it.