What Is Whiskey Casks

Whiskey casks from various distilleries over a decade ago. Our first adventure was to purchase casks from the distillery and process them in wine casks supplied by a number of wineries from which we import. 

Recently, a number of refineries and investment companies have offered their customers the option of purchasing their own casks. You can also get more information about the best whisky cask via https://www.vintageacquisitions.com/whisky-cask-investment-guide/.

 What Is Whiskey Casks

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Why should you buy casks?

New filling casks are relatively inexpensive and allow you to follow the casks journey yourself. You also have the option to age your whiskey in the type of casks you prefer and get the final product you want. 

Shook the casks

If you choose to fill your barrels into bottles, you will be charged for disposal or emptying of the casks. You can buy your own custom bottles, caps, and lids. Therefore filling 312 bottles would cost € 50 and 260 bottles.

If after a certain amount of time you decide you want to sell the casks, we can offer them. Today, the market value of whiskey casks increases every year until the spirit matures. However, as with any purchase, there is no guarantee that it will always be the same. There will be ups and downs in everything depending on the market and the economic situation.