Why Should I Use Truffle Salt In My Cooking?

Truffles are one of the most unique and decadent ingredients that a chef can add to their meals. A few ingredients separate these tiny mushrooms from being regular mushrooms: black truffle salt, a glaze, and even truffle butter.

Black truffles are produced by crossing the truffle and caraway seeds, which have been cultivated in the Middle East since medieval times. For years, truffles were considered a treat reserved for the wealthy. Nowadays, though, they are also a staple ingredient in many cuisines.

Truffle salt is usually made by boiling up to a pound of dried truffles in a quart of salted water for thirty minutes. The truffle salt makes its way into the cooking liquid. This removes any excess moisture, which makes the truffles taste more complex and creamy.

In the same vein, truffle butter is the frosting that tops truffles. Like the salt, it also gets its way into the food. The flavor is enhanced because of the addition of the butter. A thin layer of butter goes over the top of the truffle and drizzles down the sides.

Truffle salt comes in two forms: the pure white and the colored. They both compliment each other beautifully and give the food a taste that will only be reserved for you.

Tossed on top of the food, black truffle salt adds a great touch to the meal. Because of the richness and the flavors it holds, it is definitely something to be savored, but it also adds an extra bit of flair to the dish.

No matter what type of food you are preparing, a dash of truffle salt will make everything taste richer and sweeter. With truffle salt is present on top of the dish, nothing can go wrong, not even the food itself.

Be careful, though, to use a lot of truffle salt. It can turn a simple dish into a spectacular dish. A delicious truffle crunch every time!